Travel Security


At MPS Executive, we provide our clients with a vast range of secure travel services that guarantee that you can travel at complete ease and feel safe in the knowledge that every aspect of a journey you undertake is supported by a highly experienced and dedicated team that has you or your client as their number one priority. We achieve this experience by delivering tailor made solutions that cater for all aspects of travel including transportation, accommodation and other associated travel activities whether at home or abroad.

Unlike standard travel aids like those provided by travel agents or private driver companies, MPS offers a fully secure travel solution that
utilizes our own highly trained staff and partners, all of which have completed our advanced vetting procedure and are confidently managed and supported by our extensively experienced operations team.

By providing such a detailed process, our clients are guaranteed that our team will maintain the highest degree of security throughout their travels, allowing you stay productive and most importantly focused while on the road, wherever your business needs or interests take you.

You can make the most of dedicated, tailor-made travel security solutions, whatever your situation may be. Whether you or your clients are: Executives, Dignitaries, Public Figures, Celebrities, High profile passengers.



You can utilize our services for all your business or leisure needs. Every contract provides you with an experience that is supported by our confident, sophisticated planning techniques, dedicated to journey management services and real time monitoring solutions that ensure you travel in the highest possible standard of safety and comfort.

MPS will also provide you access to our roster of expertly-trained, fully qualified drivers that constantly assess situations, holding you and your clients as their number one priority. Every member of our driving team holds a range of defensive and evasive driving qualifications that allows our clients to experience the ultimate secure, chauffeured transportation solution guaranteeing your journey is safe, comfortable and hassle-free.

Depending on the level of security a contract requires, MPS can also offer protective escorts that can be armed or unarmed, depending on the nature of the situation, all of which are highly trained and supported by a wealth of background experience in the industry.


MPS Executive - Secure From All Angles