Secure Transportation


As part of our security solution or on an individual client basis, MPS offers a secure transport service that is ready to cater for any journey you need to undertake. Whether for business or leisure purposes, we are able to offer our clients a full range of services and tailor made options to make sure you or any members of your team and company arrive at their destination safely and in comfort.


Whether you are transporting staff and executives to meetings or to or from places of work,
MPS can provide drivers, luxury vehicles as well as plan all itineraries and agendas
required to make the journey as hassle-free and convenient as possible and with every possible situation accounted for, our clients are safe in the knowledge that all
requested and planned transportation requirements are being handled and completed to the highest professional standard.



By utilizing our vast and extensive experience of catering for executives and VIPs, MPS offers a complete solution by arranging close security protection and safety officers for every event, function or environment as well as planning transport routes, parking areas and entrance points to all venues which guarantee the safety and comfort of your clients.

On top of this, MPS is also able to provide clients with a bus shuttle service and armored vehicles upon request for any destination your client needs to visit. All our armored and bullet proof vehicles are certified at Level B3 all the way through to B7 can be used by any industry or sector that requires it including:
Top business executives, Government officials, Local and foreign dignitaries, Celebrities, Embassies, People in uncertain circumstances.

By using MPS, you can guarantee that you or your client arrives at their destination safely and fully satisfied with their entire experience.



MPS Executive - Secure From All Angles