Meet And Greet


At MPS Executive, we provide our clients with an unparalleled ‘Meet and Greet’ service that caters for all of your transfer needs. From the moment your flight lands, our operations team begins to execute a highly detailed agenda, tailor made to your preferences and consistently prioritizes your safety and comfort. Whether transferring to or from an airport to a specific destination or taking a connecting flight, MPS can cater for all of your requests, guaranteeing that the entire experience is professional, secure and hassle-free.

MPS offers three variants of the Meet and Greet service and are as follows:



By using our committed Meet and Greet solution, you and your clients will be able to get your to your next flight with complete ease. Choose your location to be picked up and one of our highly trained drivers will come to pick you up and will introduce themselves in a courteous and professional manner. Using routes that will be agreed during the prior planning stages of the assignment, you be safely taken to your designated airport in complete comfort and dropped off to another member of our expert team. Upon being collected, you will be assisted by our team throughout the entire airport check in and security procedures and taken all the way to your plane as quickly as possible.
The entire experience is managed by our elite operations team, guaranteeing the process is of the highest standard when it comes to your safety and fulfilling your requests.



Upon arriving at your designated airport, a member of our Meet and Greet team will immediately begin assisting you and your clients from the moment the plane lands. Upon securing you and your assets, you will be escorted as quickly as possible through the airports procedures to a waiting, designated vehicle that will transport you to your allotted destination. Throughout the entire procedure, the members of our operations team will ensure your complete safety and comfort, making sure the entire experience is hassle-free, so you can focus on what is important to you. You will be taken to your final destination via pre-determined routes that are agreed through prior planning by our team of expert analysts that will guarantee you arrive on time and undisturbed and that cater for any individual requests you may have.




If you are taking a connecting flight, our team can make sure that your entire stay in the airport and surrounding area is a safe and enjoyable experience. From the moment your plane lands, you will escorted by a member of our dedicated team off the plane and taken to a secure place to await your next flight. When ready, you will again be escorted safely throughout the airport to your final location where you will be taken to your plane in a quick and convenient manner.
Every member of your escort team will have you and your clients as their number one priority during the entire length of the contract and will be consistently professional and alert.
All of our operatives are highly trained and with the support of our operations centre, will be communicated constant information and intelligence that guarantees your safety while on the ground.


All of the packages that MPS offers can be customized to suit your preferences meaning you receive a security solution that is best for you. For more information on any of the services above or if you have any questions regarding any of our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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