MPS Executive has built up a team of expert analysts and highly trained, experienced investigators that allows us to offer professional testing and investigation services to all of our clients. As a leading security solution provider, all of our investigations are completed in a confidential, professional and accurate manner providing our clients with the highest standard experience possible.

MPS also offers clients a range of different services including but not limited to:
Background Check services, Quality Control, Investigations, Question and Interrogation techniques, Court Appearance techniques, Fraud and Business investigations.



To support these services provided, all of our operators have extensive experience and background knowledge in a number of different key elements including computerized polygraph testing, voice stress lie detector analysis and many many more, allowing our client’s access to reliable information that’s proven to be accurate and correct.

To further the solutions we offer, our investigations service team work around the clock alongside surveillance and undercover operations agents to obtain important, case-specific information for any business, legal or private investigation you may request.


MPS Executive - Secure From All Angles