Executive protection

At MPS, every member of our senior management team has previous experience in either the elite military or law enforcement services with all knowledge passed onto every member of our personnel.  Our teams collectively have decades worth of experience behind them and have worked in various industries covering local and foreign dignitaries, celebrities, embassies, airlines, official and VIP business clients.

Our security professionals at MPS Executive have the specialized knowledge and experience necessary to instigate and apply correct action without hesitation in any given situation or scenario. We pride ourselves and our personnel for working closely with our clients, offering them dynamic personal protection which guarantees a discreet and professional service.  Furthermore, our international operatives (CPO) are highly trained with a wealth of experience that ensures the safety, well-being and security of a vast spectrum of individual clients and groups.

The service MPS provides guarantees to be discreet, respectful and professional at all times. By utilizing processes based on proven military and law enforcement methods, our teams are able to develop and maintain the delicate balance that is vital for both low-profile services and risk mitigation. Our customer list currently holds a broad range of clientele including:
Government agencies, Private sector enterprises, Multi-national businesses, Diplomats, Embassies, Corporate clients, High net-worth individuals, VIPs of all descriptions.

We understand that every individual clients needs are different and specific for their intended purposes, which is why all contracts are assessed on an individual and unique basis. After establishing the level of protection required, we discuss, design and develop strategies and plans that ensure our customers are receiving the most efficient and cost effective plan possible.

MPS Executive - Secure From All Angles