Risk Assessment


Threat Analysis Your Company Needs

There is a variety of methods that can be implemented to perform a successful risk and threat assessment for a company and its assets. Here at MPS, we have developed our own individual and unique approach based on our extensive history and decades worth of experience in the security and intelligence sectors.

The best method to protecting your business and clients is prevention.  If a crisis strikes, it can sometimes be too little, too late but by taking the correct and prepared approach, you will be able to successfully protect your business by anticipating and averting issues that can be caused by natural or terrorism based events.

Our process begins by obtaining key details and vital information from you to help us evaluate your individual situation.

What needs to be protected?

This can include anything from personnel and clients, to physical locations and assets.

What are the threats and weaknesses to your organization?

Threats can be anything from people, security issues and naturally occurring hazards that may affect your business.

 What are the consequences if assets, information or personnel are lost?

By obtaining this information, we are able to help you prioritize vital areas in your business and helps us to draw our focus to aspects of your company that need to be protected first and foremost.

 What is the value of your assets or organization?

As above, we are able to again prioritize assets and sectors of your business that you cannot afford to lose.

By asking these key questions and various others, all dependent on your personal situation, we are able to compile a comprehensive strategy and provide detailed recommendations that allow you fully protect your business from all possible dangers and threats as well as realize possible outcomes if these events were to take place and the actions you can take to eliminate those risks.



Strategic Management

MPS is also able to provide real-time threat assessments that can help support all operational decisions made by your organization.
MPS offers full intelligence report opportunities which guarantees organization leaders transparent information that is vital to planning operational strategies.

It is absolutely essential that all teams involved in the strategic planning stages have clear objectives, without the influence from outside affiliations or governing bodies, to allow them to make correct and successful conclusions and consequently a usable, real-time assessment that your organization can use to protect your business properly.


Risk And Threat Assessments

It is important to know that all organizations, buildings and physical locations have weaknesses that can be exploited.  It is our mission at MPS to locate and identify those risk areas and help you minimize and eliminate the threats that these weaknesses can cause.

We are able to provide our clients with personalized surveys that can successfully highlight these vulnerabilities that help provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need to make the correct security decisions for your organization.

As your organization is an authority that invests in its future and the strengthening of its security processes, by minimizing your room for error and with valid insurance policies in place, your business will never again have to worry about threats and weaknesses, allowing you to safely focus on the main aspects of your business and services.


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