Red Team



Is your security system working to its maximum potential?

The mission of our Red Team auditing service is to challenge and test the effectiveness of your organization and your facility’s entire security system under live and real conditions. To be able to successfully gauge the efficacy levels in which they currently operate at.

Our Red Team consists of professional and highly skilled individuals who effectively challenge your security protocols by uncovering and
utilizing weaknesses and vulnerabilities. By allowing us to properly audit your system and provide you with detailed feedback on how to
improve your security systems. By you making use of this service, we are able to emulate potential adversaries and eliminate any risks that may have previously been overlooked.

This auditing process is carried out by MPS’s own Red Team, who function without the knowledge your of security service providers.
By using this approach, our teams can provide accurate feedback that continuously challenges existing plans and concepts of an
organization or security company. Highlighted flaws and faults can be adjusted and rectified.

Upon completion of the real time auditing, MPS will provide you with detailed and comprehensive results including any issues that were
discovered as well as recommendations that will prevent these weaknesses from being exploited in the future.



Success relies heavily on the convert aspect of the assignment. Our teams use modern techniques and technologies that allow us to push your current security system to its absolute limit, allowing you to prepare for all eventualities. By exploiting potential weaknesses and faults, you are able to greatly improve your business, security and knowledge allowing you to continuously address threats by gaining the ability to identify potential threats in the future.

At MPS, we believe the best way of attaining the most accurate results possible is a fusion of threat-styled thinking, warfare tactics as well as combining our education and experience in Military, Law Enforcement and Private Security sectors. By utilizing our combined skills, we are able to discover and produce the best results possible.

All of our operatives are trained using up to date and current training methods alongside continuous education in tactics and techniques
allowing our team members to remain professional at all times. Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need that enables you to successfully protect your people, clients, facilities and assets.

Don’t allow your company’s security weaknesses to be your downfall.


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