At MPS, our multi-tiered advance team works closely with executive assistants, security managers, agents and other authorized, mission critical personnel that allows us to acquire immediate access to up-to-date itineraries, agendas and situation reports that contribute to developing a comprehensive and pro-active solution to any client request or given situation.

Using these real time reports allows our teams to consider every conceivable security threat and coordinate our operations to prevent and alleviate all possible risks. We understand that clients are only secure as long as the plan in place to protect them is foolproof and therefore take prior planning extremely seriously so our teams are consequently prepared for all types of eventualities.

We regularly have to accommodate challenges presented to us by our clients with a wide range of solutions and services. Our extensive experience in the professional security industry grants us the ability to provide our clients with endless benefits. We work tirelessly with every client to coordinate and develop comprehensive and stable security solutions for every situation from day to day protection schedules to special events and one off occasions.



Due to the nature of security details, authorized and confirmed security and/or protection plans are subject to change should the need arise. MPS takes full advantage of our long-standing and enduring relationship with law enforcement services with allow us access to the latest intelligence reports and statistics which are crucial to a formulating a successful security/protection plan.

By liaising with law enforcement services as well as event venues, hotels and other important facilities and institutions, our teams are equipped with open communications methods over a vast range of establishments, allowing us to successfully manage every activity and event we partake in, all of which is vital when it comes to fulfilling our client’s requests.

We prioritize on delivering fast, logistical assistance, using real-time, near real time intelligence and information in order to provide an extensive and complete customer experience based on our primary mission of keeping our clients safe and content – no matter where their work or interests takes them.




Red Team

Red Team

The mission of our Red Team auditing service is to challenge and test the effectiveness of your organization and your facility’s entire security system under live and real conditions.
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

There is a variety of methods that can be implemented to perform a successful risk and threat assessment for a company and its assets.


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